How Netka AIOps address your daily IT work?

More details for practical examples of how Netka AIOps technology can make IT operations more efficient, reduce the time it takes for troubleshooting and diagnosing problems, and help in the process of root cause analysis. Netka would like to share use cases and also present video clips that show how IT service automation can help technical staff quickly solve problems once an incident ticket is opened.

Use Case #1 : Anomaly Detection

A pain point of IT administrators is that they are unable to detect an abnormality or root cause quickly due to the amount of time it takes to search through the enormous logs of information collected from device operating systems, applications, and management systems. Once the information has been obtained, it must be analyzed in order to find the root cause of the problem. Because this cannot be performed in a timely manner, this has the potential to cause damage to the business.


With the Netka AIOps Platform, all of these tasks can be performed in order to more easily determine the root cause of a problem. Using Machine Learning technology, the example below shows how an anomaly occurring in an IT system can be discovered from within hundreds of thousands of log and metric records. From the image, we can detect anomaly which consists of three metrics and one log, meaning:

  • There is one device with a high CPU utilization reaching 100%, even though this value has not been approached during other periods
  • There is one interface in which input traffic suddenly drops
  • There is one interface in which output traffic suddenly drops
  • One type of log occurs many times. Even though other times have never happened before


Because the platform was able to find four anomalies within hundreds of thousands of records, the administrator could determine the cause of the problem in near real-time, thereby drastically speeding up the time needed to fix the issue.


The platform is able to detect log and metric anomalies from multiple data types, including: CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk usage, traffic utilization, error rate, discard rate, CRC, RTT, packet loss, Quality of Experience value, latency, temperature, humidity, voltage value, electric current value, power factor, contactor relay status, and door close status. Also, no thresholds are required. The platform uses Machine Learning technology to find log and metric deviations over time, and displays the results on the same time axis. This allows the user to easily and quickly determine what is wrong at different times.


Use Case #2 : IT service automation

With the Netka AIOps platform, smart AI can be utilized to automate IT service. Focusing specifically on recurring tasks can lead to lower number of incidents, reduce down time, and increase SLA. The following video clips demonstrate the platform’s IT service automation.


The first clip is an example of how the platform can automatically resolve a server “disk full” issue. After the “disk full” ticket is opened, the system will remote into the CI server and delete the necessary data in the recycle bin and temporary files folders, then run a disk cleanup and remove any files in additional paths as required. Finally, the system sends the assigned users a notification via e-mail or Line messaging application containing a detailed description of the operation performed and the results.


The second clip is an example of how the system can instantly fix a port or interface of a network device without requiring human. We simulate the problem by sending a “shutdown interface” command on one device. The device then sends the syslog to NetkaView Network Manager X (NNMX) with the log “Interface xxx, changed state to down” to display on the NNMX’s Event View page. NNMX then contacts NetkaQuartz Service Desk X (NSDX) to open a ticket with the device’s CI server specified. NSDX then connects to the device via SSH to resolve the issue with the “no shutdown” command at that port. The port can then be successfully returned to the “up” state, with the entire process taking place unattended.

In addition to the scenarios described above, the platform can provide solutions for dozens of use cases that are often encountered in IT, be it network devices, servers, or applications. With Netka System’s innovative IT Operation Management solution, you can simplify your IT operations. It also provides an exponential enhancement of digital transformation for your organization.

Sample use cases of N-AIOps

  1. For N-AIOps and NSD integration, NSD can drive task automation to associated CI after registering of incident which contains matched keyword in incident’s title or symptom. This will reduce work load of service desk agents and improve response time and resolution time
  2. For N-AIOps and NLG integration, NLG can run playbook into firewall to deny malicious IP address which NLG detect.
  3. For N-AIOps and NNM integration, NNM can diagnose and troubleshoot link which was down by running playbook into switches or routers and notify result to email or Line application.

N-AIOps can start workflow and run playbook into CIs when incoming log matched predefined rule. Also, N-AIOps can detect anomaly and finding root cause from cross-domain analysis. For example, when user have bad experience from using an application because of slowness and disconnections. This kind of problem requires cross-domain analysis based on variety of data e.g.  traffic utilization, cpu utilization, memory utilization, disk usage, network quality (latency, jitter, packet loss), hop-by-hop latency, end-to-end latency, trace/span data.

Netka AIOps Director is platform that provide flexibility and capability for driving IT automation with workflow and running playbook which customer can create and customize by themselves and associate to desired CI. Also, N-AIOps provides full cross-domain analysis in IT operation today for anomaly detection, event correlation and root cause analysis (RCA) with AI technologies.