Use Case : IT service automation

With the Netka AIOps platform, smart AI can be utilized to automate IT service. Focusing specifically on recurring tasks can lead to lower number of incidents, reduce down time, and increase SLA. The following video clips demonstrate the platform’s IT service automation.


The first clip is an example of how the platform can automatically resolve a server “disk full” issue. After the “disk full” ticket is opened, the system will remote into the CI server and delete the necessary data in the recycle bin and temporary files folders, then run a disk cleanup and remove any files in additional paths as required. Finally, the system sends the assigned users a notification via e-mail or Line messaging application containing a detailed description of the operation performed and the results.


The second clip is an example of how the system can instantly fix a port or interface of a network device without requiring human. We simulate the problem by sending a “shutdown interface” command on one device. The device then sends the syslog to NetkaView Network Manager X (NNMX) with the log “Interface xxx, changed state to down” to display on the NNMX’s Event View page. NNMX then contacts NetkaQuartz Service Desk X (NSDX) to open a ticket with the device’s CI server specified. NSDX then connects to the device via SSH to resolve the issue with the “no shutdown” command at that port. The port can then be successfully returned to the “up” state, with the entire process taking place unattended.

In addition to the scenarios described above, the platform can provide solutions for dozens of use cases that are often encountered in IT, be it network devices, servers, or applications. With Netka System’s innovative IT Operation Management solution, you can simplify your IT operations. It also provides an exponential enhancement of digital transformation for your organization.