Release 1.2.0 -June 2022

What’s New

CMDB Topology view: this allow user can view the alerts data in topology view based on CMDB data. N-AIOps enriches alert with information from your CMDB. user can view the summary of alerts in your system. and use this panel to drill-down into detail easily.

Release 1.1.0 -Mar 2022

Features and enhancements

  • Anomaly Detector Management: A detector is an individual anomaly task. In Anomaly Detector page, you can define multiple detectors, and all the detectors can run simultaneously, with each analyzing data from different sources. This enable user to easily create the anomaly detector to analyze data by themself.
  • Correlation Suggestion: This feature will help user analyze historical event data and suggest the best correlation tags in their system. It helps user to reduce time to implement correlation rule in their system.

Bug fixes

  • Add/Edit Correlation Table System tags can automatically update docker-compose (container : naiops-correlation-engine) data.
  • Add/Edit steps Super custom tags can update information. docker-compose automatically
  • Edit Suggestion correlation Enter standard deviation = 0 with tag Output NaN value

Release 1.0.2 Jan-2022

Features and enhancements

  • Event Enrichment : User can enrich ingested event with additional information. Enrichment can provide more flexibility for clustering alerts as the user want.
  • Event Correlation : N-AIOps aggregates, normalizes and enrich events and correlate that events into the view that user can easily actionable
  • NSDX Integration : N-AIOps correlation view can integrate with NSDX. User can create an incident from the correlation view. With correlate information, it help support team to investigate & prevent incidents impact by restoring the service to normal as quickly as possible. And with automation capability on NSDX, user save a lot of time to do the repetitive tasks by using the rule-based routing to auto run the playbook when the incident is created.